Automotive ‘Chip’ Crisis


16 April 2021
  • Paylaş

The global chip crisis in the automotive industry has caused many companies around the world to stop or cut their production to a large extent. The supply problems in the semiconductor industry also negatively affected the automotive manufacturers in Turkey. Oyak Renault General Manager Dr. Antoine Aoun announced that they will suspend production between March 15 and 22 due to the shortage of chip supply worldwide.

The problems experienced in the main industry brought the sub-industry production to a standstill. Companies in the global automotive industry, especially automakers in Europe, are forced to pause production due to the lack of electronic components. After the decision of automotive manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford, Honda and Nissan to suspend their production, Oyak Renault’s decision to suspend production also makes automotive suppliers think. Sector representatives evaluated the problems experienced in the automotive industry to EKOHABER.